Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of many faiths in community

Images and questions from “How can Muslim women be allies?”

Friday March 17th saw a very significant event at the Indiana Interchurch Center when Make Us Whose and the Center for Interfaith Cooperation collaborated on a discussion of "How Can Muslim Women Be Allies."

A great chance to learn about the refugee experience

These days there is a lot of misinformation circulating about refugees. Sunday March 19th you'll have a chance to have all your questions answered by professionals who work with refugees every day.

For reasons to attend the 2nd Death Cafe, see what happened at the 1st

March 31st: our society doesn’t make it easy for people to talk about death … that's what a Death Café does.  

5 reasons to attend “How Can Muslim Women Be Allies?”

Friday March 17 CIC partners with Make Us Whole for a community conversation about the leadership roles of Muslim women in our community and how they can advocate for vulnerable individuals. It will feature an

You must watch a film March 16 … but which film?

What a great — and frustrating — opportunity faces us the evening of March 16th. The Center for Interfaith Cooperation and its partners are hosting two very films ... at the same time!

Imam Michael Saahir retiring from IFD

"Imam, author, activist and firefighter Michael Saahir is putting away one of his many hats this month."

Atlas: A shameful time in America’s past

"Few people came to the defense of this demonized ethnic minority. Instead, ordinary Americans hopped on the bandwagon, expressing longstanding anti-Japanese racism and looting Japanese-owned businesses after the owners had been shipped off to the camps."

CIC statement after threat to Indy JCC

"We pledge to continue to help build a more knowledgeable and supportive community based on the American values of dynamic pluralism and the uncompromising right of everyone to practice their faiths without fear."

A report on the 3rd Annual Interfaith Banquet

Sunday February 12th was a special evening for nearly 300 people who attended the Center for Interfaith Cooperation's 3rd annual Interfaith Banquet at the Columbia Club in downtown Indianapolis. The guest of honor was Sr. Norma Rocklage of Marian University, who received the 2017 Interfaith Ambassador of the Year award. Marian University provides this report

5 reasons to attend the next Living Room Dialogue

March 9th you can ask all the questions you've never known how ask about Hinduism, Jainism, and raising a mixed family

Apply for Women in Revolution

Women in Revolution seeks to empower women of diverse backgrounds through meaningful discussion, relationship-building, and civic engagement.  

Sr. Norma’s acceptance speech

Upon being named Interfaith Ambassador of the Year at the 2017 Interfaith Banquet, Sr. Norma Rocklage delivered an acceptance speech that was filled with wit and humility, faith and love.

Cardinal Tobin’s message to Sr. Norma

One of the touching moments of the 2017 Interfaith Banquet was a video message to Sr. Norma Rocklage from Newark Cardinal Joseph Tobin.

Interfaith Mental Health Coalition’s Advocacy Training is full

If you want to attend the mental advocacy training February 15th ... we're sorry, it's full. Sign up now for the March th lunch on "When, Where, and How to refer?"

CIC’s Statement Regarding Executive Order on Immigrants and Refugees

"Without question, we face very real security threats in the U.S. and around the world. However, we feel strongly that the most effective way for us to address these challenges on a local level is intentionally to connect with each other, to learn about and from one another."

Cardinal Tobin: ‘Closing borders and building walls are not rational acts’

Cardinal Joseph W Tobin, Archbishop Newark has protested over President Trump's plans for the Mexican border wall, mass detention, deportations and the threat to penalize 'sanctuary cities' that take in refugees.