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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Images from the “Red, Black, Green” reception

Thursday July 5th — More than 60 people attended the opening reception for "Red, Black, Gold," an exhibit of contemporary local African American artists.

Help plan the Indy Festival of Faiths

The Indy Festival of Faiths could never happen without a team of volunteers eager to help plan things. Join that team!

Why you should get to know Rev. Delores Thornton

You may be seeing a lot of Rev. Delores Thornton around the Interchurch Center in July. She is the curator of the “Red, Black, Green” art exhibit, so you’ll see her at the opening

Register now for the Indy Festival of Faiths

The details of of the Festival have been announced. On July 9 registration information and forms will be released. Sign up right away! 

Join the CIC book club by discussing “On Tyranny”

The Center for Interfaith Cooperation would like to invite everyone to join the CIC Book Club. We think "CIC" can mean "Courage, Integrity, Compassion."

Why attend the opening reception for “Red, Black, Green”?

A very exciting art exhibit opens July 5 at the Interchurch Art Gallery: “Red, Black, Green — An Exhibit of Local African American Artists.” Here’s why think you should try not to miss it. See

Images from the Cincy Festival of Faiths

On Sunday, June 24, the Cincinnati Festival of Faiths showcased Cincinnati’s religious diversity, celebrated various religions’ contributions to the community’s quality of life, developed the community’s exemplary interfaith relations and collaboration, and built and enhanced interfaith unity.

Why Overdose Lifeline thinks you should discuss faith communities and the opioid crisis

"Our initial goal for this collaborative will be to create a visible and easily accessible network of resources that are offered by the faith community to support those who are suffering from addiction..."

Festivals of Faith (two flavors)

Have you attended the Indy Festival of Faiths, and had your mind and spirit and mind expanded by the idea of so many different religious traditions in Central Indiana living and working together? If the answer is "yes!" we have a couple of suggestions for you.

CIC at Asian Fest

There will be a section marked "Ask an Expert," which will allow discussions of contemporary international religious, political and cultural affairs with CIC members. Go to the Asian Fest on Sunday. Try to stump Dr. Expert, and have a good time. 

A Journey to the End of Communism

What's it like to watch the beginning of the end of a corrupt and sclerotic regime start to crumble, and sprouts of a new order start to emerge?

Opportunities to discuss race in America this summer

This summer you should visit the exhibit "Red, Black, Green" and attend the events surrounding it. But there are more chances to address challenges of race in America.

A report on 2018 World Refugee Day — Service and Celebration

June 20th more than a hundred volunteers came to Indy Urban Acres to celebrate World Refugee Day. The purpose? To grow food and community. See what you may have missed.

Help us plan the 2018 Festival of Faiths

Have you enjoyed the Indy Festival of Faiths in years gone by? Would you like to make October 14th's Festival even more special? Then join us!

“Red, Black, Green” — An exhibit of local African American artists

June 2nd — June 20th CIC will organize an exhibit of pieces by local African American artists. More than viewing great art you can be part of some critical conversations about race in America.

Red, Black, Green — A call for artists

July — CIC is organizing an exhibit of African American artists at the Interchurch Center. Join us and share your stories!