Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

“Red, Black, Green” — An exhibit of local African American artists

June 2nd - June 20th CIC will organize an exhibit of pieces by local African American artists. More than viewing great art you can be part of some critical conversations about race i America.

Red, Black, Green — A call for artists

July — CIC is organizing an exhibit of African American artists at the Interchurch Center. Join us and share your stories!

Reports from “Rising from Ashes”

May 17th — several students from IU's SPEA attended the screening of the New View film "Rising from Ashes," and joined the subsequent discussion. Read what they thought.

Mark your calendars for ICMH luncheons in the fall

This fall you can discuss "second generation voices for healing," "Holding onto faith after trauma," and "Youth, trauma, and spirituality"

Why your soul will be happy June 28

June 28th — CIC's "Food for the Soul" series kicks off at the Yemeni restaurant Al Rayan. Don't miss this chance to learn about food, politics, history and culture.

3 reasons to discuss the Interfaith Community’s response to the opioid crisis

June 15th — It's a great line-up of speakers who'll discuss how congregations can be part of helping address the opioid crisis the country is experiencing.

ICMH and Marion County Mental Health Courts

Every third Wednesday, the Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health hosts a luncheon to discuss various mental health topics. This month's topic: Marion County's Mental Health courts.

2018 Summer Break Youth Camp — register now!

Students, ages 7-13, will engage in a variety of fun and educational intercultural activities with facilitators from Liberia, Mexico, Israel, Zimbabwe, Burma, Pakistan, Iraq, Rwanda and Japan.

What you might have missed not sitting in Ruth Ellen’s backseat

April 28 the Education Subcommittee of the Center for Interfaith Cooperation presented an event, "Cultivating a Lifestyle of Nonviolence." Many who attended called it one of the best CIC events ever

What you’ll see at Congregation Beth-El Zedeck

This round of Sacred Spaces Tour of Indianapolis concludes Wednesday May 9 at Congregation Beth-El Zedeck. The Tour will be hosted by CIC member Rabbi Shelley Goldman.

“How did the New Testament form?”

To warm up your brain for Don Knebel's talk, check out this short video about the making of the New Testament. Then go listen to Don.

What to expect when you see “Rising from Ashes”

May 17th after watching the film about post-conflict reconciliation we'll have a discussion that will include Kizito Kalima, a survivor of the genocide

Everything you ought to know about mental health and the justice system (but might not know how to ask)

Says WFYI: "The Marion County Jail in Indianapolis is at capacity.  And over a third of the inmates, close to 900 people there, are struggling with addiction, schizophrenia, depression or some other mental health issue."

Hasya Kavi Sammelan

 This report on the Hasya Kavi Sammelan held at the Interchurch Center April 28 comes from Anil Gupta. A Laughter-Poem conference (Hasya Kavi Sammelan) in Hindi language was hosted at Indiana Inter-Church Center on Saturday, April 21st by INTERNATIONAL

Four Traits of Successful Leaders

"I’ve been a member of more than ten congregations in three denominations as my academic career led to moves to different states. I’ve observed that these four traits—personal strength, humility, interpersonal skills, and discipline—are common to successful pastors, priests, bishops as well as leaders in nonprofits and the corporate world."

Pierre Atlas — “US must value rights of Native Americans”

Pierre Atlas reminds that the American government's wars on the Lakota were more than ethnic cleansing. It was a religious war too.