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Hoosiers of Many Faiths in Community

Julia Camara on the Festival’s Social Awareness Table Conversations

Several students from IU's School for Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) attended the Indy Festival of Faiths and moderated sessions of the Table Conversation. Julie Camara shares her reflections. 

More of Bill Foley’s photos from the Festival of Faiths

Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Bill Foley shows that at the Indy Festival of Faiths there are a lot of Sikhs ... and they have a lot of friends.

Watch Rev. Sarah Lund on “Holding onto Faith after Trauma”

Attendance for the Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health was maxed out October 17. If you weren't able to register, don't despair. You can watch a video of Rev. Lund's talk. 

Bill Foley’s views of the Indy Festival of Faiths

Bill Foley is a Pulitzer Prize winning photo-journalist ... and Bill loves the Indy Festival of Faiths!

KP Singh on the Indy Festival of Faiths

"As in the past five celebrations, the 2018 Indy Festival of Faiths reaffirmed the message of our shared humanity and unifying spiritual lessons and precepts through Opening Prayers, 70 cultural displays by faith organizations, beautiful sacred performances from the Main Stage, interactive experiences, meeting and sharing"

Follow up the Festival’s discussion of mindfulness and meditation by watching “Dhamma Brothers”

November 1st — If you missed the discussion or if you wish to continue it, we recommend that you watch "Dhamma Brothers." It's a film about a meditation and mindfulness program being introduced to the inmates of one of the toughest prisons in Alabama. It should be a good discussion afterwards. 

“Food for the Soul” at Shapiro’s will be postponed.

October 17th — The talk with scholar-adventurer Douglas Wissing on how Shapiro's Deli has shaped and been shaped by the evolving Jewish community has to be postponed. Stay tuned for the new date, it will be a great event. 

Who’ll be exhibiting and where at the Festival of Faiths?

Look at all the new friends you can meet at the Indy Festival of Faiths on October 14!

Overview of Festival Activities

The Indy Festival of Faiths is just hours away. October 14, please join us at the Veterans Memorial Plaza and the Indiana War Memorial for a day of celebration, dialogue, education and compassion. See what's happening and where.

Imam Michael “Mikal” Saahir — Indy’s Festival of Faiths invites all religions

Indy’s Festival of Faiths invites all religions By Imam Michael “Mikal” Saahir September 28, 2018 Those who believe (in the Qur’an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe

Meet AmeriCorps member Rainie Grant

Rainie Grant, recently of Butler, is an AmeriCorps member hosted at the Coalition for Our Immigrant Neighbors (COIN).

Rev. Dr. Sarah Griffith Lund on trauma and mental health

In Blessed Are the Crazy: Breaking the Silence about Mental Illness, Family, and Church, Sarah Griffith Lund looks back at her father’s battle with bipolar disorder

Why attend the next Death Café

October 12th — CIC and the Indiana Pagan Community Outreach & Dialogue invites you to eat cake, drink tea, and talk about death civilly … because increased awareness of death means a more fulfilling life.

Memories of the early days of the Rohingya refugee crisis

"The problem is: when you have 700,000 people in about 3,000 acres, the population density makes it really hard to go in and say, 'I need 100 square meters to build a hospital.'"

Lonesome No More Through Faith Communities

November 8th — If you met the Interfaith Coalition for Mental Health at the Festival, explore the ways different houses of worship and faith communities deal with loneliness and its effect on the community.

Continue “compassion through action” with INspired to Give: Women, Faith, & Philanthropy

November 8th — If you were inspired by the Indy Festival of Faiths theme of "compassion through action," jooin an interactive discussion about how women from different faith traditions live their faith through giving and volunteering.