Center for Interfaith Cooperation

Hoosiers of many faiths in community

CIC hosts a candlelight vigil for Nabra Hassanen

CIC's board member Faryal Khatri and John Clark helped organize an event to grieve the murder of a teenage girl and to bring the local community together in hope and love.

Join the Interfaith Mental Health Coalition of Greater Indianapolis

The IMHC is a partnership between religious leaders, mental health care providers, community service organizations and government agencies ... they want you to be part of the collaboration

The 2017 Indy Festival of Faiths is coming up!

The event offers a wonderful opportunity for the greater Indianapolis community to learn about, share and celebrate its rich religious diversity. The Festival is open to the public, fun for the whole family, and free of charge.

News coverage: CIC addresses the billboard of hate

A billboard offensive to Muslims (and thus insulting to all of us) has attracted international attention. See what CIC has to say about it.

Ramadan, iftars, and Eid

This is your chance to learn about your neighbors, to understand the most important month of the year for Muslims, and share a special meal.

NUVO on the OBAT/CIC interfaith iftar

"It is common in the tradition for the iftar to be shared among friends and family. The interfaith iftar opened that traditional experience to people of differing faiths with the goal of showing that our similarities outnumber our differences."

Running remains a metaphor for life and faith

CIC board member David Sumner explores how running can be spiritual as well as physical.

Help distribute messages of Ramadan peace

You may be asking: "What can I do to address the intolerance and incivility expressed by the anti-Muslim billboard?" How about posting signs of welcoming love?

Statement Regarding the Anti-Muslim Billboard from CIC and the Indianapolis community

This billboard is a symptom of the increasing incivility that degrades our society, negatively affecting the possibility of open dialogue and genuine understanding among people of all different beliefs and traditions.

Trends in Adolescent Substance Use

June 21st — 45% of the respondents to a Drug Free Marion County survey indicated that if their children are facing substance abuse challenges, they would seek help from their church and/or a pastor, often in conjunction with other professionals

Service and Celebration at Indy Urban Acres – A World Refugee Day Experience

Join the Burmese American Community Institute in fighting hunger and celebrating our rich cultural backgrounds!

World Refugee Day 2017 – Celebrate and Serve

World Refugee Day @ Indy Urban Acres is an annual service opportunity for CIC. Join us!

Mini-grant applications for congregational activities working with mental health

May is mental health awareness month.Get the conversation started around Mental Health at your congregation with an Interfaith Mental Health Coalition mini-grant.

Check out CIC’s speaker bureau

CIC's Speakers Bureau connects communities in Central Indiana with notable and knowledgeable religious, civic, and academic leaders. We think it's a pretty good line-up.

OBAT Helpers interfaith iftar

The word “Iftar” represents sweet relief to a fasting Muslim. It is the culmination of a long day of going without food and water with a delicious variety of treats, juices and dates. It is a moment to look forward to and savor.

CIC takes a road trip to Louisville

April 21st the Center for Interfaith Cooperation hit the road for a visit to the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville. On the bus were CIC board staff, Immigrant & Refugee Service Corps members, and friends from Serve Indiana and the Indiana Interchurch Center.